Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Would you like some more ham with that?

Last weekend was the Antarctic 48-hour Film Festival, an annual event open to any base in Antarctica that wants to take part. The challenge is to write, shoot and edit together a five minute film within 48 hours. The film can be on any subject at all, but must include five elements specified by the organisers. These five elements are sent out on the Friday evening and finished films must be submitted by Sunday evening.

This year the five elements were as follows:

1. A saw.
2. A dripping tap.
3. A t-shirt with a chocolate bar on it.
4. Popeye.
5. The line of dialogue 'which I imbibed rapaciously'.

Team Bird Island rose to the challenge with gusto. If you want to watch our finished movie, you can find it here:

Bird Island movie 2011

If you're a real glutton for punishment, you can download and watch all the other movies submitted by other bases using the link below. There are 21 movies including ours, and if you ever wanted a chilling insight into what months of isolation and darkness can do to the human mind, then surely this is it.

Antarctic 48-hour Film Festival 2011

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  1. hey Ruth - I'm very impressed with your film - surely it made the short list? Although I admit I forgot to look out for the five elements, and some of them totally passed me by. Couldn't access the others, but sounds like you're holding up well in comparison??

    Hope the winter continues well... keep posting stories and photos - I'm reading if not commenting!